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To register for any of our programs (including Community Flute Day), please click below. All registrations are online; payment must be made by check to Lake Sylvia Flute Institute. Further instructions are on the registration form. All registration materials and fees are due by July 1st. For more detailed information about our offerings for 2020, please see the Programs page. If you are in need of assistance to attend, we do offer Financial Aid. After you've registered, be sure to check out What to Bring. We look forward to welcoming you to Lake Sylvia!



2020 Tuition & Fees 


Flute and Recorder Institute

Registration: $125 ($75 for registrations received by April 1)       

Student Program: $400

Adult Flute Retreat: $400

Room and Board:

                 Ages 18+: $70/night

                 Ages 6-17: $60/night

                 Ages 0-5: Free

       Families (1 adult/1 child): $120/night

       Counselor Fee: $120 (for unaccompanied students ages 12-16)

Teacher Training:

                  Every Child Can (ECC): $110

                  Flute Book 1: $675

                  Flute Book 9 or 11: $450

                  Flute Book 9 and 11: $750

                  Flute Practicum: $450

 Private Lessons (Flute or Alexander                            Technique): $30-60

Refund policy: Registration fee is non-refundable. Full refund on tuition and room/board for requests made by May 1. 50% refund on tuition and room/board by July 15th. No refunds after July 15th.

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