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Life at Camp

The daily routine at Lake Sylvia Suzuki Institute is simple, relaxed, and intimate. No long commutes or navigating a strange campus. The camp is a 2-minute walk from end to end, nestled in the forest above Lake Sylvia. The shoreline is only a few hundred yards down the hill. In your free time, you can do yoga by the reflecting pond, read a book under the trees, take a canoe out on the lake, or fly a kite in the field.



Three meals a day are served in the Dining Hall. Koinonia's chef is experienced and able to handle all allergies and preferences. No matter what dietary restrictions you have, you will be well-fed. If you have a life-threatening allergy, please contact us directly so we can discuss your specific needs further.


Rooms come with 1-4 twin beds, and availability of A/C depends on the room and dorm building. Bathrooms also vary, with some rooms having a private bath while others share a bathroom, dorm style. We make our best effort to house each family according to their preference. All rooms come with basic linens and a pillow. Wi-fi is available in the teaching and common spaces and most phones should receive full reception. A large play structure is available for campers and siblings as well as several boats, canoes, and life jackets for all ages. Click here for pictures and further details.

What to Bring

1.    Music and instruments

​Flute, music, notebook, pen and pencil, metronome, music stand, clothes pins

2.    Personal

​Towels, shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, drinking cup​.

​Swimming suit, hat, swimming towel

​Labeled medications, bug repellent, lip balm, sunscreen, anti-itch cream, neosporin

​Long pants, long sleeved shirt, walking shoes, warm jacket, socks

​Flip flops for shower, beach

​Umbrella or rain poncho 

​Comfy clothes for cold and warm weather

​Water bottle


​Medical insurance information

3.    Optional

​Recording device


​Good book to read

Board and/or lawn games

​Goggles, swim gear, swimming (inflatable) toys

4.   Snacks.

You may bring your favorite snack for between meals and to share around the campfire. 

For the health of all campers, we ask that you bring no nuts.

​Suggestions: Hershey Bars, Graham Crackers, Marshmallows, Popcorn

5. Lake Sylvia Camp Blue T shirt

If you already have one. If not, we provide all the materials to design your own!

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