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Student Program

Our student program for ages 3-17 is rooted in Suzuki philosophy, which emphasizes group activities, developing the ear, and a musical experience that incorporates the whole family. Please read below for more detailed information on class offerings in the Student Program and a sample daily schedule. For registration and tuition information, please click here. You can also find more information on our website about our faculty, lodgings, and daily camp life. If you are in need of assistance to attend, please visit our scholarships page. Further questions? Don't hesitate to get in touch!

After the first summer he said, 'I definitely think flute is the best instrument ever!'  He has come so far and has developed a deep love of music thanks to the great instructors at Camp Sylvia." --Amy, parent

Dalcroze, Classical Covers, and Art are electives. One elective is included in tuition. Schedule varies by book level and instrument and some activities change daily or are weather-dependent. Students may also add another elective and/or private lessons for an additional fee. During masterclasses, each student usually spends 15-20 minutes with the teacher, observing the remainder of the time. During group classes, students spend 45-60 minutes with the teacher. For all classes, teacher trainees and families are often present to listen and learn. During free time, students are welcome to take advantage of the lake, play set, and boats, or simply read, practice, and enjoy our Minnesota summer.  


Sample Book One Schedule


8:00: Breakfast

9:00: Masterclass

10:00: Group Class

11:00: Free

12:00: Lunch

1:00: Repertoire 

2:00: Dalcroze

3:00: Free

4:00: Free

5:00: Short coaching session with Teacher Trainee

6:00 Dinner 

7:00 Campfire, free time

The Lake Sylvia Flute Camp has a laid back atmosphere. There is a wide range of students from beginner to the more advanced teens and it is a joy to see the older students help the younger children. My daughter has such a great time and she looks forward to the days at camp. On our way home after the first summer, she said, “Can I come back next year?” --Lisa G.
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