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Teacher Training

Continuing education is a cornerstone of Suzuki philosophy and so offering Teacher Training is a key part of the Lake Sylvia Flute Institute. In 202[ we are able to offer Flute Books 1, 9, 11, and Practicum. Please see training dates below. To go ahead with classes on any specific book, a minimum class size of 3 must be met, so please register early! If you are interested in beginning your Suzuki training as a teacher, please refer to the Suzuki Association website for more information on auditions and other prerequisites and a brief overview of the Suzuki method. We are happy to help guide you through the process if you have any questions. Please check our financial aid page if you are in need of assistance to continue your professional development.

Book One Training

Welcome to the Suzuki community! Whether you're a college student or experienced veteran, beginning Suzuki training will give you new ideas and a new network of peers who care as deeply as you do about excellent musical education.

The first step is taking Every Child Can, an introductory class on Suzuki principles and application. We are offering this class on July 25th at Hopewell Music Cooperative in Minneapolis. 

Book One training takes place over eight days at Koinonia, July 26th-Aug 2nd. Class time goes in depth on the teaching points of each piece in Suzuki Book One, troubleshooting problems, incorporating parents in a positive way, handling group class, useful games, and more. The days at camp mix class time with observation of the Suzuki principles in action, plus time to play and practice with the Suzuki students.

"My Suzuki training experience ... helped me connect elements of my teaching to a broader picture of what is possible for young students."
--Jennifer Hanson, Book One trainee

Continuing Training

As you continue your development as a Suzuki teacher, Lake Sylvia is the perfect place to refine, refocus, and reinvigorate your teaching after a long school year. Our camp is structured to encourage every member of our camp family to support and learn from and with each other. You'll meet new colleagues from around the country to swap teaching ideas with both during camp and throughout the year. Late-night sightreading and socializing is also an unofficial tradition. 

You are welcome to observe and/or participate in most classes, whether for adults or Book One students, moving between them at any time. We value your experience and expertise and allow you to design the course of observation most useful to you.

We also create the schedule to allow anyone interested to take (or re-take) multiple books concurrently, at a reduced cost for the second book. In 2020, Books 9 and 11 may be taken back to back, with a possibility for doing Book 9 and Practicum depending on enrollment.

2020 Training Dates

ECC: July 25th, 10am-5pm (at Hopewell Music Cooperative)

Flute Book One: July 26th-Aug 2nd

Flute Book Nine: July 26th-29th*

Flute Book Eleven: July 29th-Aug 2nd*

Flute Practicum: July 29th-Aug 2nd

*Books 9/11 may be taken consecutively. If you are interested in taking Book Nine and Practicum consecutively, please contact us. You must complete training in Books 1-3 to be eligible for Book 4 and above. You are eligible for Practicum at any point after Book One.

To read more experiences from past teacher trainees, click below:

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