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Frequently Asked Questions

How should I prepare for camp?

Review all your past Suzuki pieces and polish your most recent pieces to play in masterclass. Memorization is encouraged but not required. Take your flute in and get it checked--repairing a leaky pad would be a long drive from camp!

Can I play a piece that is not in the Suzuki books for masterclass?

Yes. Please make sure to notate which piece you're planning on bringing on your registration form.

I'm not a Suzuki student, but I'm interested in coming. Will I feel out of place?

We welcome all interested flutists. It would be helpful for you to read through Suzuki Book One before camp as many group activities use these songs as a foundation.


I'm just starting Teacher Training. How should I prepare for class?

Read over the audition requirements and information on the SAA website. Purchase the Book One CD, flute part, and score. Memorization of all pieces is encouraged but not required.

Do I have to stay on campus?

No, but as it is an hour drive from the Twin Cities and we have so much fun around the campfire in the evenings, we highly encourage you to. 

I'm flying in from out of state. What's the best way to get to camp?

We organize ride-sharing to and from MSP airport and have hired a bus when necessary. Let us know you'll need a lift on your registration form and we'll be in touch with you about your travel plans.

I have a food allergy/dietary restriction. Will I be able to eat the meals?

Koinonia's head chef has accommodated everything from vegan to garlic allergies and we are a no-peanuts camp. Notate your needs on your registration form and we'll make sure your meal is filling and delicious. However, as meals are communal and kitchen facilities limited, we cannot guarantee no cross-contamination. If you have a life-threatening allergy, please contact us directly.

Is there any charge for taking the boats out?

Canoes are included with your registration. Please just stow them back on shore once you're finished. There are life jackets for every age, including infants, and it is required to wear them. Campers 12 and under must have an adult with them on the water at all times. 

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